In their first growing season, Emma and John set out to grow everything that inspired them, learning along the way what would thrive and letting the land and Mother Nature dictate the assortment. It has been an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience. They have learned that the compassion and care that is necessary to grow their beautiful produce is akin to the language of hospitality that they were accustomed to in their restaurant days. Working in their farm stand has taught them that customers are equally as excited by the unique colors and flavors of their produce, and curious to discover new ways to prepare them and share them with others.

In the months and years to come, Emma and John will continue to build on their valuable first year experience. They plan to expand their offerings and reach, delivering their produce to more restaurants in the New York area. With plans for a barn and intimate farm dinners on the way, they dream of making Forts Ferry Farm a unique place to experience food, farming, and hospitality.

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